What is MarkNet Alliance all about?

MarkNet Alliance: For Auctioneers, By Auctioneers.

What is MarkNet Alliance all about? photo

At MarkNet Alliance we are a national, membership-based network of auction companies with members throughout the United States and abroad in 80 different countries. We offer our member companies the opportunity to grow and succeed in the global marketplace of online auctions.

Through trust, integrity, growth, and expertise we, MarkNet Alliance, and our vast member-network of auction affiliate companies will move forward together using collaborative networking, innovative technology, and competitive education to the advantage of each others’ mutual benefit. With an ever expanding roster of over 65 national auction affiliate members and $1 billion in assets sold yearly, our values speak for our results and our results speak for themselves. Our broad range of affiliate member companies includes successful, professional auction companies with extensive experience.

Based on the integrity of our track record, MarkNet Alliance member companies know they can trust us to share in the plenitude of advantages that our members leverage to reach their goals.