Comic Book Turned Hidden Gem

Walker Auctions thought they were going to have a normal vintage auction, little did they know a singular comic book would go for almost 30k!

Comic Book Turned Hidden Gem photo

When Teri Walker first met with her sellers, she was sure to set realistic expectations. As with many estate auctions, the family was selling their mother’s home and personal property to pay for her care at an assisted living facility. There were no obvious items of high value in the home, but then Teri and cataloger Brenda noted a box of old comic books. The sellers even told them those comic books had been moved from the attic years and years ago without much fanfare. Admittedly, comic books weren’t an asset they were particularly expert level on but did due diligence while cataloging them. 

Fast forward to the opening days of the online auction open for bids. One of the comic books had multiple bidders and was already up to $12,500!Several others had bids in the thousands of dollars, too! Bazinga! Walker Auctions had uncovered some valuable, rare vintage comic books.

The Sensation Comics Vol. 1, No 1 January 1942 featuring Wonder Woman sold for over $29,000! There were a few other big hitters as well like Marel Mystery Comics No 31 that went for $2,400, the Rangers of Freedom Vol. 1, No 2 December 1941 sold for $1,750 and finally, the Batman DC Comic Book No 20 December 1943 went for $1,250.

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