Member Testimonials

Here are a selection of testimonials of what auctioneers have to say about marknet alliance.

"Striving toward exceptional service is a key factor in our 23 years of success.  Our company felt that MarkNet Alliance would lead us to a higher level of national service and excellence.”

Taylor Auction & Realty, Inc.

Ruthie Taylor, Vice President/ Auctioneer


“The opportunity to network with other auction companies to gain their expertise was a big draw for us. Marketing is a main ingredient for success today, and . Our firm has been in business for 50 years, but this is something we wanted to do, and it has been a big help.”

J.J. Dower

Ayers Auction & Realty



“We are a very small auction company, but being a part of a National Networking group such as MarkNet enables us to network within our group and be an integral part of a National Network.  It is always easiest to refer an auction to someone in your own group that you know and trust.”


MR Auction and Realty



“We joined MarkNet Alliance because of the need to have a national presence in the auction industry and be leaders in our region and accommodate an expanding corporate customer base. We also saw the added value of project management software to enable us to efficiently manage and conduct a growing number of auctions.  We felt networking with professionals who share within MarkNet would enable us to grow through education and referrals.”    

Bryce and Roger Hansen

Hansen and Young Auctioneers