The Seller Advantage

When you hire a MarkNet company for your auction services needs, you not only get the expertise of your chosen company, but the in depth of knowledge and technical know how of an entire team of  marketing professionals across the country.

MarkNet companies are accepted only after undergoing a thorough examination of the company’s reputation, integrity, market knowledge and other strict standards that make our members the best in the business.

Your auction is listed on your auctioneer’s website, but also on member  websites across the country.  These sites together receive millions and millions of hits per month.  For more information on how MarkNet Alliance can benefit your needs, contact one of our members near you.

MarkNet Alliance member companies also have access to the latest technology in the auction industry from auction enterprise software to online bidding software. 
MarkNet Alliance has successfullybuilt and launched our “Ultimate Choice” bidding platform.
The “Ultimate Choice” system is a web based biddingsystem that allows someone to sell raw land, building lots, condos or anyasset selling in a combination format. It allows bidders to bid on individual tracts or a combination of tractsthroughout the auction. Since the inception of this method auction companieswere forced to conduct the auctions live and bidders were required to bepresent. Prior to MarkNet, no other company has been able to successfully developand implement software that allows auction firms to consolidate multiplebidding combinations and provide interested buyers the ability to bid online.  This system can be used in an onlineonly format, an onsite format, and in an onsite and online format.