What is MarkNet Alliance?

Our mission is to help independent auction companies succeed and grow their business. MarkNet Alliance is the only nation-wide auction organization owned by auctioneers. We empower our members by providing access to the best software and a powerful suite of tools, marketing services and auction company support. Members own their own marketplace and the unique ability to share and cross-promote their auctions throughout the network of members and their websites. We promote our member company’s assets and auctions to the public, driving traffic back to their privately branded website/marketplace. Our members enjoy the advantages of a secure data exchange amongst other members ensuring that information remains a valuable asset rather than a potential liability.

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Helping Auction Companies Grow Their Business

  • Collaborating with like-minded auction professionals spanning various assets and locations.
  • Cross promoting auctions on other member's websites
  • Our members can mutually share referrals among each other, fostering a collaborative network
  • Access to members who have served as NAA officers and presidents
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Discover Superior Technology: Where Innovation Meets Excellence

  • Company website with hosting and email
  • Industry leading online bidding and simulcast auction platform
  • Dedicated tech support phone line and 24-hour emergency auction support
  • Industry leading Ultimate Choice® multi parcel auction software
  • Website design with SEO optimization
  • National presence in an online Marketplace
  • Business Management Software (task, project and lead management)
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What The Competition Does With Your Data

  • The trust that you build with your bidders and your sellers is compromised and it's also at the control of your platform.
  • They start to compete against you to make your bidders their sellers.
  • Your auctions are building their web-traffic for their benefit NOT yours
  • If you leave, you leave empty-handed. Reclaim your business!
  • No control of qualifying your bidders or how your transactions are done.
  • No control of using your own preferred vendors.
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What Members Say About MarkNet Alliance

  • "Instantly Changed Our Business"

    We joined MarkNet in January of 2021. It instantly changed our business, from saving thousands of dollars per year in fees to raising our firearms, vehicles, and Petrolina items final selling prices by sharing across other members' websites. We have worked with other members selling auctions and found it to be very profitable and smooth due to us all using the same systems. I believe a major plus in joining is that we gather a few times a year to have education, conversations, and network with our members. I would say to anyone thinking of joining us to not wait and join today.

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    Jack Christy Jr.

    Christy's of Indiana

  • "Help Each Other Succeed"

    No other professional on the planet possesses the amount of knowledge about such a wide variety of assets as that of a well seasoned professional auctioneer. Imagine having 65 of the nations leading auction companies as partners with that amount of knowledge who help each other succeed. That's why I am a member of MarkNet Alliance!

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    Larry "Chip" Pearce Jr AARE,CES,GPPA,ATS

    Auction By Pearce


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